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Vipre Internet security essentials that don't slow down your PC.
VIPRE Internet Security 2014 is the award-winning antivirus software that includes a firewall, spam filter and bad website blocking into one powerful package of internet security solutions for complete protection against malware

Why VIPRE? Antivirus Reviews & More
What is internet security? With over 20,000 new web threats created every day, you can't afford not to use antivirus software. Choose award-winning VIPRE to keep your computer data safe from these malicious threats without slowing down your PC.

What is internet security?
When it comes to detecting viruses and malware threats, VIPRE reigns supreme. See VIPRE detection rates compared to Microsoft, Norton and McAfee and other security products.The VIPRE anti-malware engine is designed to scan your PC for viruses and other internet security issues quickly with minimal impact on PC performance. Vipre combines antivirus technology, anti-spyware, anti-root kit and other anti-malware security technologies into an advanced security solution that won't slow down your computer.

VIPRE vs. the Competition
How VIPRE and other antivirus products perform in threat scenarios which closely map real-world usage such as the detection of Trojans, financial malware and password sealers. Compare internet security software and see for yourself.

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